FAQ For Candidates

Why do you charge
  • Pay out weekly rewards to employees who are active on our platform.
  • Proactively ensure we have enough employees within the companies which are experiencing an increased number of requests

This ensures you have the best chance of a positive outcome from your request, with minimal turnaround time.

What plan makes sense for me?
  • Free - If you’re just getting started on our platform and you want to test us out
  • Basic - If you’ve seen the value of our platform and you know top of mind a few companies you need a referral to this month.
  • Premium - If you’re aggressively looking for a new job and you need referrals wherever you can.
Have a job URL in mind for a referral?

The way our platform works is you must input an active job posting you’d like to be referred for. Please do not request a referral if you do not have a role you’re interested in applying to.

How does matching work?

We match your info to a set of referrers who we believe would be best suited to refer you (this is based on a number of factors such as your current level, location and role). We believe that’s the best way for someone to validate your skills for a referral and what we’ve seen lead to the best chances of a call-back.

Referrers have the option to reject your application for a referral, and when that happens, we start to slowly scale out your candidacy to more individuals in the company who might not exactly match your current level, location and role, but who might still be willing to refer you.

Referral completion times

Referrals completing can depend on the following factors:

  • Your profile, and experience
  • How aggressively the company is hiring
  • Number of Available Referrers for Company
  • Referrer Activity (weekends tend to be slower)
Should I apply to the job first or after?

We recommend not applying until after your referral is accepted! This is key as certain companies will not allow you to get referred to roles you’ve already applied to.

Why can’t I message a referrer if they declined my referral request?

We want to preserve our referrer’s identity. This is important for referrers as they don’t want to be pestered by people looking for a referral. They want to refer people who they believe would make great candidates for a role. *Note: We are soon rolling out the ability for referrers to provide feedback on why they chose to not refer a candidate.