January 24, 2023

Step By Step Guide for Job Referrals

The merits of getting a referral are well established. Your candidacy gets placed at the top of the application list with a high-quality referral.

How should you request a referral on Refermarket? Well, it’s as simple as counting 1, 2, 3.

    1. Log in/sign-up on Refermarket

    2. You’ll be redirected to our homepage which looks something like this:

Here you can see the list of companies where we have employees who can provide a referral. Besides each company, the number of 🔥indicates how active the employees are.

    3. Once you find a company you’re interested in, simply click on the company and click “Request referral”:

We recommend requesting a referral before you apply.

Once you find the job posting you’re interested in, paste it into the input field, along with what makes you a goof fit and your resume.

Once that’s done, the Refer Me button should turn yellow and you’re all set to get referred!

    4. You can view all your requests in the Referral Tracker:

Note: It can take 10 minutes for your request to go from processing to matching (we’re just computing which employees, your request should be sent to first, to optimize your chances of landing an interview)

    5. Once matched to a set of employees, they can decide to either Accept, decline or reach out for further questions.

    6. If an employee accepts your request, you can stay connected with the employee during your application with the company using our in-app messaging functionality:

Not ready for a referral? Learn more how you can improve your resume with our services.