January 22, 2023

Resume Review for Your Targeted Career Goals

The first step of any application is the resume. Ensuring you're highlighting your relevant skills is essential! Resumes for engineering roles will be tailored differently than consulting roles vs investment banking roles, etc. Getting someone in the position you’re interested in applying to, to review your resume can make all the difference. This is the best way of ensuring your skills and experience are appropriately highlighted for the role you’re applying to.

Be wary of generic resume review services. Oftentimes, these are individuals who can review basic structure, but won’t be best suited to ensuring your resume sticks out in the pile for the role you’re applying for.

At Refermarket, we get you connected with someone with a similar background who can review your resume and you can securely make a payment to if you’re satisfied with the quality of the service.

How does it work?

   1.First head to your Career Services page and choose Resume Review and fill in the following:

       a. Amount you’re willing to pay

       b. Companies you’re interested in (Max 3)

        c. Needed by

        d. Details about your request

        e. Resume

And click Improve my Resume.


   2. Your request will then be sent to a number of employees who can put a request to review your resume:

   3. When you click View Responses you can view the employees who have requested to review your resume:

You can review each of the employee's backgrounds before determining which one to move forward with.

   4. Clicking Accept will create a workroom where you can chat with the employee regarding resume revisions.

   5. After learning more about the employee's background you can ultimately start the resume session by clicking Pay and Start:

   6. During the session, you can discuss getting on a call if you’d prefer live feedback

   7. Once the session is complete, the employee helping you out will mark the session as complete, and soon after you can as well to initiate the payment.

Now that your resume is ready to go, it's time to get a referral.