January 25, 2023

Ace your Interview by Practicing with Experts

So you made sure your resume was in tip-top shape, got a referral through Refermarket and are on to the interview. What next? Practice interviewing! Getting friends to do practice interviews can go a long way. Getting paired with someone in the role you’re interested in joining, in order to do a mock interview can go even further.

Similar to getting your resume reviewed, it’s important to get someone in the role you’re interested in joining to provide you with support during the interview process and provide you with a few mock interviews. There are a few mock interview services online. Some notable ones are Tryexponent and Careercup. Their services can be helpful but unfortunately are quite expensive as the employees providing the services set the price. In addition to that, there’s a limited number of employees to choose from.

At Refermarket, our mock interview practice services allow for:
    ● Job seekers to set the price they’re willing to pay

    ● Escrow service payment model so your money is safe if you don’t get the value you're looking for

    ● Access to a network of over 1000 professionals at hundreds of different companies

How does it work?

    1. First head to your Career Services page and choose Interview Prep and fill in the following:

          a. Amount you’re willing to pay

          b. Companies you’re interested in (Max 3)

          c. Needed by

          d. Details about your request

          e. Resume

          And click Improve my Interviews.


     2. Your request will then be sent to a number of employees who can put in a request to provide a mock interview. The employee view looks as follows:

    3. When you click View Responses you can view the employees who have requested to provide interview prep help:

You can review each of the employee's backgrounds before determining which one to move forward with.

    4. Clicking Accept will create a workroom where you can chat with the employee regarding interview prep

    5. After learning more about the employee's background you can ultimately start the interview prep session by clicking Pay and Start:

    6. During the session, you can discuss getting on a call if you’d prefer a live mock interview

    7. Once the session is complete, the employee helping you out will mark the session as complete, and soon after you can as well to initiate the payment.

We’re here to help you get ready for that software engineering, product management, product design, strategy & ops, or data science interview today! Whether you’re interviewing for a big tech company like Google, Meta, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, etc. or a small to mid-size company such as Cruise, Datadog, or Attentive, we got you covered.